Classes of Hoarders

Types of hoarding

Understanding the different types of hoarding can also help you decide on the best way to get help for hoarders that you care about. What causes people to become hoarders can directly affect the types of hoarding habits that they develop, and will ultimately dictate the best course of action for hoarding treatment.

Shopaholics and Compulsive Collectors: Although they are two distinct types of hoarding, shopaholics and compulsive collectors do share a common thread. Both impulsively purchase items, but for different reasons. Shopaholics tend to buy for the sake of buying, often purchasing things that are on sale or as gifts, but without having a projected use for the items. Compulsive collectors also make impulsive purchases, but usually for the novelty of a specific type of item.


Animal Hoarders: Animal hoarders usually begin with good intentions, but it can get out of hand pretty quickly. They may take in a stray here or there out of concern for its well-being, but once they begin housing more animals than they can care for, or what is allowed by law, animal hoarders can face some pretty hefty legal issues on top of living in unsanitary conditions for both themselves and their beloved pets.

Trash Hoarders and Diogenes Sufferers: Trash hoarders may have a condition called syllogomania, that causes them to see a heap of treasure where others simply see a pile of garbage. It may also be possible that they suffer from Diogenes syndrome, which is a very severe psychological condition. Many Diogenes sufferers live in squalor, letting garbage pile up in their homes out of self-neglect and isolation.

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