Signs That You’re a Hoarder

August 29, 2019


signs That You’re a Hoarder


If the clutter is building up in your home, you might be wondering whether there are signs that you’re a hoarder. Here are 5 ways that you can tell:


  1. You keep things you haven’t used in years. This could be books, newspapers, or magazines you don’t read, clothes you don’t wear, or even broken electronics. Often we keep things with the intention of making use of them later, but why not recycle or donate them to someone who can use them right now?


  1. You have a hard time throwing things away, and often save things without a clear plan for their use. The thought of discarding something fills you with anxiety. You are afraid you might not have something when you need it, and have even kept things you originally bought as gifts for others. You might have even moved to a new home with boxes of things you’ve never unpacked.


  1. You cannot turn down a sale, or free things, even if they are things you’ll never use. You can’t stop yourself from shopping even when you don’t have the money, and buy multiples of things because you’ve forgotten what you actually own.


  1. You cannot use things like the refrigerator, dining room table, or even a door without first clearing off a space. The things in your home have grown beyond simple clutter, every room in your house has become a storage room. Many items that you have kept do not have homes, and simply travel from pile one pile to another, you say you’ll deal with it later but never do.


  1. You have become embarrassed by the clutter in your home, and do not often allow guests to enter. Perhaps you are even suspicious of people touching your possessions. Although your house may feel or smell dirty, you have so much stuff that you can’t clean it, or you’ve just gotten used to it.


Hoarding is classified as a psychological disorder related to anxiety, depression, and OCD. Everyone has small amounts of clutter that we deal with, so don’t panic if you can identify with some of the signs listed above. The one true sign that you’re a hoarder is when the clutter becomes unmanageable and starts taking over your life. If this is the case, consider getting help from a heavy duty cleaning service like Hoarders911. Our team of professionals are fully trained in comprehensive clutter solutions, and can assist you in reclaiming your home and your life.

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