Challenges of Hoarding

August 8, 2019

Challenges of Hoarding Compulsive hoarding presents many challenges, not only for the person who hoards, but for his or her neighbors, friends, and family. Some health and safety issues that arise from hoarding are listed below: Misplaced items, such as important documents, prescriptions, and medications Anxiety and depression Difficulty maintaining living space In more extreme cases, the following challenges can be present: Falls Fire safety Insect and rodent infestations Dust, mold, and mildew collection Lack of proper repairs Alienation of friends and family.


Privacy Protection


Hoarders911 experts arrive in an unmarked car and without a uniform so that neighbors are not informed about the purpose of the presence. The heavy duty cleaning team is available during normal work hours, nights, and weekends in order to accommodate every schedule.


Hoarders911 can bring rubbish containers, and have a specialized method for garbage removal so that it is discreet and protects the clients privacy needs.

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