Who struggles with hoarding?

July 21, 2019

 Article taken from NYC Department for the Aging


As early as adolescence, people can begin hoarding items. The average age of an individual that is seeking some sort of help for hoarding is approximately 50 years old. People from every age cohort, from teenagers to seniors, and from all economic backgrounds have expressed personal challenges with hoarding. A background of financial poverty is not found to increase the likelihood that someone will hoard, disputing the myth that holding onto an excessive amount of items is an effort to be frugal and prepared “just in case”. There is no one “type” of person that hoards belongings.


What kinds of items are most often hoarded?


Most people that hoard keep an excessive amount of commonly held items like paper products (these include newspaper, mail, books, flyers, and other advertisements), boxes, bags, and clothes. Less commonly hoarded items include garbage, waste, and animals.

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