Cleaning and Mental Health

February 27, 2019

What the State of Your Home Says About the State of your Mind!


“A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind!” We’ve all heard the saying. But, can cleaning and mental health be related? Experts say, absolutely yes! Cleaning and mental health definitely do go hand in hand, but it’s not as black and white as it may seem.





​Although keeping a clean home is generally a sign of good, healthy habits, when taken to the extreme cleaning obsessively can be a sign of a much greater issue. Similarly, being a little untidy or accumulating the occasional clutter does not necessarily mean you have a mental illness like depression. However, when it starts to take over your life, that clutter may be indicative of a hoarding disorder.

Studies have shown that keeping things neat and clean around the house is necessary for good mental health. Living in a general state of cleanliness has positive effects on the mood, and even the act of cleaning can produce a satisfying feeling from time to time. If you find yourself in a funk, it may be time to step back and freshen up the home a little bit, before the mess builds up and becomes overwhelming. However, if things do get a little out of hand, don’t be afraid to dive in. Things may not get cleaned up right away, but you’ll feel great in the end!




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