Franklin County deputies enter hoarder house. Public urges compassion

April 5, 2018

Article originally sourced from Tri-City Herald

"PASCO, WA Law enforcement officers see all sorts of things they wish they could forget.


For Franklin County sheriff’s deputies, the latest was a house where they were working on an eviction.


“They say law enforcement is a dirty job. Please don’t be a hoarder,” a deputy posted on Facebook.


The caption was with a picture of a living room overflowing with empty cans, food wrappers and rumpled clothing.


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The agency’s Facebook followers were quick to remind officers that hoarding objects of no value is a mental illness.


“Imagine a citizen in a desperate situation who, thanks to this post, is unable to ask you for the help they need, because they fear you will betray their trust and air their personal business on social media,” one poster said.


“You missed an excellent opportunity to provide education about hoarding disorder, and help others who need it reach out for help,” the commenter continued.


The American Psychiatric Association says people with hoarding disorder excessively save items that others view as worthless. They have persistent difficulty getting rid of possessions.


The disorder, which is most common in people 55 to 94, can lead to isolation and loneliness, and can create fire hazards and health code violations, the association said on its website.


Sheriff’s officials said no one was at the home, which appeared to be abandoned.

They thanked commenters for their “constructive criticism” and said they should have put more thought into the post.""



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