Cat hoarding leads only to heartbreak

January 10, 2018

Article originally sourced from The Daily Courier

 "The stench hits you before you enter the front door. Once inside 20 cats surround your legs and ankles. The smell overwhelms you even though you are wearing a surgical mask.


Your heart breaks for these poor and innocent creatures. You wonder how they are surviving in this horrid situation.

There are three tiny gray kittens, maybe 5 or 6 weeks old. These are the ones you rescue first. One seems to have no eyes, they are swollen shut, the other two have labored breathing and are so frail.


The three kittens are immediately taken to the vet where the one who seems to have no eyes is euthanized. Indeed, the eyes had ruptured from severe infection and he was blind. The other two have a chance of survival, however, the male has only one eye that is salvageable. The tiny girl is lucky.


They are taken to a foster home and are cared for day and night. Each must have breathing treatments, oral antibiotics, eye ointment and special food additives to increase their chances of survival.


The next trip back to the house of horrors we remove six more older cats. Four have upper respiratory infections and are taken in by a foster home and cared for with a lot of medication and special food to boost their immune systems. The other two were fortunate enough to escape the symptoms of infection and were adopted.


As the story continues on and on, all cats are removed from this terrible and preventable situation. The suffering at the hands of a mentally ill individual to these poor little beings is actually a criminal offense and can be prosecuted.


It is OUR responsibility as neighbors, friends, and relatives of these humans and animals to take action and take it now ... if you witness hoarding, call someone! Call a relative of these individuals, call the Humane Society, call the authorities, be responsible.


Don't wait until it is a critical situation."



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