Greenhill: First 7 small dogs adopted after rescue from hoard of 100 animals

December 22, 2017

Article originally sourced from: KVAL


"EUGENE, Ore. - Seven of the over 100 small dogs rescued from the worst hoarding situation in Lane County in recent memory have been adopted.

"The remaining dogs will stay in the care of Greenhill while receiving medical care and rehabilitation," Greenhill Humane Society said Monday.


The first dogs made available for adoption were "some of the safest to handle," Sasha Elliott from Greenhill said. "They’ve been spayed or neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and are now learning how to trust people and acclimate to a regular feeding schedule."


The dogs present a unique challenge - and opportunity - for adopters.

"Often, dogs rescued from puppy mills or hoarding situations have lived their entire lives with very little human contact. They may not know how to live in a home, or how to do 'normal' dog things," Greenhill said in a statement. "They may be frightened by everyday experiences like noises from televisions and dishwashers, kids, and vacuum cleaners. They also may not know how to go to the bathroom outdoors, play with toys, accept petting or treats from your hand, walk on a leash, come when called, or be handled or held."


“It’s extremely rewarding to help a neglected animal transition to a loved companion animal," Elliott said, "but it may take some time.""



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