How Much Is the Largest-Ever Ancient Coin Hoard Worth?

April 30, 2019

Article originally sourced from: Gainesville Coins




In 2012, a pair of metal detectorists discovered what is considered the most immense hoard of ancient coins ever found. The site of the find was Grouville, located on the British island of Jersey.


Even at the time, the discovery was clearly historic. Consider that there are approximately 74,000 coins that make up the Grouville Hoard! This potentially makes it the largest-ever hoard of coins from the Iron Age (which began in Europe around 1200 BCE). The coins are of Roman and Celtic origins.


The coins, however, were all stuck together in one giant slab, along with rings and other jewelry from the time period. This meant that the hoard had to be carefully excavated and preserved—one at a time. Archaeologists painstakingly spent years working through what appears at a glance to be a giant hunk of rock. The last coin was finally liberated from the mass of stone earlier this year.

Now that the ancient coins in the Grouville Hoard are all separated, the remarkable artifacts are finally being valuated by a committee. Leaving aside the gold and silver jewelry found with the hoard, the coins alone could be worth at least £7 million ($9.28 million) using conservative estimates.


According to the Jersey Evening Post, the hoard will stay in Jersey once it is ready to be displayed in a museum. Jersey has an intriguing history as an island that is technically a sovereign Crown dependency of the United Kingdom but was once ruled by the French."



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