84-year-old man dies in early morning fire at his home

November 13, 2017

Originally Sourced From: News 4 San Antonio


"SAN ANTONIO--- An 84-year-old man died after fire broke out at his Southeast Side home early Tuesday morning.

Neighbors say Pascual Tamez had lived in his home on the 600 block of Hammond Street for more than 30 years.


"I thought he was out!! I can't believe he's not. Cause I'm never going to see him standing there," exclaims Marlene Gonzalez, a longtime neighbor.


Arson investigators have not released a cause for the fire but did say there was significant hoarding in the home.

"It's sad, it's hard to believe! It's like a dream, you know a nightmare! I've known him for 38 years. I just saw him like two days ago," laments neighbor Augustine Vaca.


And the fire department says it's the time of year when we need to be extra careful.

"It appears that the individual that lived in that home was severely hoarding materials in the home and you know we have a cold front moving in here to San Antonio and this time of year we think about folks in their house using space heaters,” explains Woody Woodward, Public Information Officer for S.A.F.D.


Fire officials say those space heaters, if you're not careful, can really be dangerous.

"That first cold front moving through of the year we always want to warn people about the fire hazards of heating your home improperly, using a space heater and of hoarding in the household," says Woodward.


So check your furnaces, space heaters and make sure they're clean and work properly and please do not use your stove burners to heat the house.

“Power outlets and you don't want to overload your power outlets and you want to check your power cords for fraying," stresses Woodward.


The San Antonio Fire Department says a checklist might help to make sure everything is safe in and around your home and to be sure to check in on the elderly, your family and neighbors."


Source: http://news4sanantonio.com/news/local/84-year-old-man-dies-in-early-morning-fire-at-his-home


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