What your clutter says about you

September 4, 2017



At hoarders911, we classify the hoarding conditions based upon what our clients hoard. No two people are alike, and same concept applies to hoarders. Just remember, we are here to help, not judge.


There are various types of hoarding conditions. A person with 8 or more of the same type of animal is considered an animal hoarder. Some people like to save all their mail, including from the 1970's because it has personal identifiable information on it. There types of hoarders are known as identity hoarders. Compulsive collectors have collections of specific types. They collect for the sake of collecting, and have difficulty letting go. Another type of hoarding conditions include: information hoarders which includes the collecting of books, newspapers, and informational pieces. 


We have a special treatment plan based on the individual hoarding condition. For identity hoarders, we bring a paper shredder and shred all papers with personal identifiable information. For animal hoarders, we help bring the animals to shelters. For compulsive collectors, we can help photograph and sell their items online. Based on the type of hoarder, we developed a specialized treatment plan. We have developed a 7 step hoarding solution, which is a comprehensive treatment plan based on the hoarding condition.


With over 23 years of experience, we have dealt with every kind of hoarding condition. We do not judge our clients and have seen every kind of mess. Additionally our services are discreet. Feel free to contact us, we are here to help!




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