Dozens of cats getting love and care after being rescued from hoarding situation

April 2, 2019

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Dozens of cats getting love and care after being rescued from hoarding situation


"DAVENPORT - Kings Harvest Animal Rescue got 24 cats out of a hoarding situation in Eldridge on Monday.


"It's really hard to see them come in like this, it breaks our heart," said Kylie Jo Mitchell, Animal Care Taker.


Today, the cats are doing much better and are getting named.

"So far I have Chloe, we have Bebe, Avery and Craig and Craig is after my brother," said Mitchell.


The cats came in covered in flees and had ear mites but the caretakers have been giving them the love and nurture they need.


"We've done a lot of worming and cleaning ears and doing the shots right now," said Mitchell.


The shelter was only able to take half of the cats, there are still 30 left at the home, Eldridge police said they're working with the homeowners to get them out.


"Most people in these situations, they're not bad people, they start out with really good intentions, they want to help these cats out but when you don't have them spayed or neutered they start reproducing really quick," said Brandi Anderson, Assistant Director, Kings Harvest Animal Rescue.


With the addition of the 24 cats, the shelter has around 100 cats that all need good loving homes.


"The more we get adopted the more that we can take in and save and if you have a cat and it is not spayed or neutered please, please go get that done, it is kitten season," said Anderson.


The rescued cats still have a long way to go before they will be able to be put up for adoption."






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