Hoarder let 80 feral cats crawl through ‘putrid’ flat filled with 30 tonnes of rubbish

June 26, 2017


As Seen On Metro UK



"A hoarder let up to 80 feral cats roam freely through a ‘putrid’ council house filled with 30 tonnes of rubbish – which took three months to fumigate.


Council workers found the skeletons of at least 15 dead cats rotting under binbags at the home in Kingsbury, northwest London.


Elizabeth Blore, 61, was banned from keeping cats for life in 2012 – and was in court this week after officers found she had breached her ASBO

Martha Godwin, prosecuting, said: ‘Ms Blore is subject to an anti-social behaviour order which prohibits her from feeding or keeping cats.


‘Police offers and animal welfare officers attended her address on 4 May this year to see if she was contravening the order.

‘They went into the property and there was excrement from the cats in the living room."





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