Hoarder House Sold for $2.4 Mil

June 6, 2017

"Incredible transformation of an infamous 'hoarder house': From rooms packed to the roof with junk and an unrelenting stench to a trendy masterpiece worth $2.4 million


  • A squalid four-bedroom hoarder house in Paddington, Brisbane, has just sold for a staggering $2.4million

  • It was originally bought for just $838,000 by builders Rob and Andrew Gray in 2014

  • The house was filled with rubbish, with a stench that stayed until they took the wall lining out 

  • After a year of renovations costing around $1 million, the house is now one of the best in the inner city 


 As seen on Daily Mail UK


A squalid, crumbling home that was once filled with rubbish and an unrelenting stench has sold for a staggering $2.4million.


The residence in the Brisbane suburb of Paddington was once in such poor condition that neighbours nicknamed it the 'Hoarder House'. It was first sold to builder brothers Rob and Andrew Gray in 2014 for $838,000 and they then spent seven months renovating it.


When they sold it to James and Kylie Aitken for $2.1million they could never have imagined it would go on to re-sell for $2.4million.


But that's exactly what it did on May 31, 2017, according to realestate.com.au. 


Rob Gray told Real Estate he wasn't surprised the property, now known as the 'Hillside House', had grown in value so rapidly.


'There's been a lot of growth in the last 12 months to two years in inner city suburbs - Paddington being one - and this is just proof of what's happening,' he said.


'Essentially we were looking at it as somewhere that was going to have rapid growth so it really just came down to location and block size.


'Block size is one of the main elements because big blocks are rare in Paddington.' 


Previously Rob Gray spoke to Daily Mail Australia about how the brothers added at least $2 million to the house's value thanks to their successful renovation work.


Unfortunately, the rubbish was included in the initial $838,000 price tag.


'The hardest part [of the renovation] was definitely getting rid of the rubbish and dealing with the smell for the initial few months.


'Even when the rubbish was taken out the smell stuck around until we took out the wall lining, then it was better,' Mr Gray said.


There appeared to be no hidden treasures within the rubble.


'It was literally all junk,' Mr Gray said, but added there was a tin filled with old coins which they've held onto.


Hoarder House had earned its name under the ownership of an elderly lady who'd lived at the home for at least 40 years, Mr Gray estimated, before she moved to a psychiatric hospital in Sydney.


'She's still alive and kicking,' Mr Gray said. 'She'd be pushing about 80.

'She'd been there for a long, long time, so everyone in the street knew her.'

Mr Gray said they'd spent around $1 million renovating the home, which is now a sprawling, modern-day Queenslander with 3.6m tall ceilings.


Of Graya Construction Builders, Mr Gray said the work was well worth it.

'I really enjoyed it. It was awesome looking back at what you've achieved,' he said.


'Building a new house [from scratch] is a good feeling. But being what it was [Hoarder House] and changing it is probably better.'


Despite the 'very big challenge', Hoarder House is now instead known as the Hillview House boasting a coveted location and city views."







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