Brooklyn Writer Pens Poem About Gowanus Bunny-Hoarder

May 17, 2017

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"GOWANUS, BROOKLYN — Amy Holman likes to look at the news for inspiration for her poems, she says, "especially ones with strange news, the strange ways in which people behave."


Holman lives in Gowanus and works as a writer and literary consultant, teaching students and working with private clients.


When she stumbled upon a Patch story about Dorota Trec, who illegally kept nearly 200 bunnies in a small yard behind a tire store in Gowanus, she knew she had her next one.


"At first I thought the poem resided more with what happened to the rabbits, and then I was just trying to get my feel for how I wanted to write the poem and I felt like I needed more info," Holman told Patch.

So she went back to find other news reports about Trec's arrest, trial and eventual sentencing.


"I went back, and the Daily News had a report from the arrest, hearings, and then there was the point where she went to court," Holman said. "And each time they quoted her about why she kept the rabbits. And each time, she had mentioned something entirely different.


"And then I thought, 'Oh, this is more about this woman, this is a loon. And it just got too much for her.'"


Holman allowed Patch to print her poem in full. You can read it below. (We first spotted it on The Five-Two, a collection of poems about crime.)"




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