Gowanus Bunny Hoarder Sentenced To 45 Days In Jail, 5 Years Without Bunnies

May 11, 2017

 As seen on Patch.com


"GOWANUS, BROOKLYN — After a dramatic, two-year court battle, Brooklyn's most notorious bunny hoarder, 36-year-old Polish immigrant and local music teacher Dorota Trec, was handed her final sentence Friday: 45 days in jail, three years of probation and — perhaps worst of all — a five-year moratorium on possessing bunnies. (Or any other animals, for that matter).


Judge Curtis Farber also mandated that Trec pay $23,569.32 to the nonprofit that took in her brood; that she add her name to the city's Animal Abusers Registry; and that she see a mental health professional.



NYPD officers and animal rescue workers famously raided Trec's outdoor bunny colony behind Gowanus' Mexico Tire Shop at 466 3rd Ave. in January 2015, at the onset of an incoming blizzard that authorities feared would harm the animals.


According to the Times, vets who examined the 180 or so bunnies found that more than two-thirds of them had "wounds, mostly from bites"; around half had contracted syphilis; nearly three dozen were showing signs of "genital or anal trauma"; and others were suffering from "abscesses and skin inflammations associated with being kept in unclean environments."

"Dorota Trec will be spending the night in Rikers!!!" bunny activist Natalie Reeves, moderator of the Big Apple Bunnies Facebook page and leader of the local crusade against Trec, wrote to her followers Friday.


The jail sentence "is far too little time for the suffering she caused, but because I was afraid this judge might let her off entirely, I realize it could have been worse," Reeves wrote.


Judy Dronzek, one of the page's followers, added: "Amazing job to everyone who cared enough about these animals to help create the case, capture, care for the sick bunnies or be involved with the case. At least we [stopped] some suffering and alerted NY that rabbits matter too!"




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