Privacy Protection

April 26, 2017

Hoarders911 is a heavy duty cleaning company that offers discreet cleaning services to NYC and the surrounding Tri-State Area.


 With over 23 years experience as a heavy duty cleaning service in NYC, we understand the value of protecting our client’s privacy during any heavy duty cleaning or clutter cleaning service that we provide. Our team of heavy duty cleaning experts are fully trained to provide our clients with clutter cleaning solutions without calling attention to their property or the services that are taking place. We take every measure necessary to ensure that we are conducting the best discreet cleaning services in NYC.

Our Privacy Protection Methods:

The Hoarders911 team employs a variety of different methods to ensure that your privacy is protected during the heavy duty cleaning and clutter cleaning process. The first being that we arrive in unmarked cars, without uniform. We do this so as not to call attention to you or your property, and alert the neighborhood that a cleaning company has arrived on the premises. By having a team without uniform arrive in unmarked vehicles, it looks no different than if you simply had visitors or guests stopping by for the afternoon.


When the heavy duty cleaning service begins, our team will take special care to ensure your business stays private throughout the process. For discreet cleaning services, we will never, ever leave discarded items out front, or anywhere on the property where they would be visible to the outside world. Instead, we will collect all items being discarded in one central location and then carry it all out in one swift motion at the end of the service. We do not use large garbage trucks for trash hauling, but instead pack up any discarded items into an unmarked truck or van to be carried away in the most private manner possible.

Hoarders911 will never conduct any part of our discreet cleaning services without the client’s express permission. We work very closely with our clients to ensure every aspect of a heavy duty cleaning service is being carried out to match their specific needs. Our clutter cleaning experts are compassionate, understanding, and always happy to help. Call now and speak to an expert today about how our discreet cleaning services can benefit you.

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