Elderly Woman dies in Debris

March 11, 2017

We've written extensively about the dangers of hoarding and fire because it is a very serious issue that occurs far too often. The clutter amassed by hoarders is not simply a fire hazard, it can be an obstacle in a state of emergency that leads to fatal results. 


In Staten Island, New York, such a tragedy has recently taken place when an elderly woman was trapped among 5 feet of debris, and perished in a fire. The debris prevented fire fighters from being able to rescue her, and ultimately lead to her tragic death. 


Getting help for hoarders can save lives. If your loved one is struggling with a hoarding disorder, don't let them suffer alone. Make sure you are doing what needs to be done to help your loved one recover form hoarding disorder, and protect him or her from the dangers of hoarding and fires.


For the full story, see the link below.


Elderly Woman Killed In Staten Island House Fire

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