NYC Hoarder Help: A 3 Step Process

March 26, 2019



We have broken down our NYC hoarder help into a 3 step process for simple and effective hoarder cleaning solutions. Much like our 7 Step Process, the 3 step hoarding cleaning process that we have developed offers a complete hoarding cleaning service, but for those who are looking for a less intense heavy home cleaning. The Hoarders911 3 step process is perfect for anyone looking for NYC hoarder help that needs to get cleaned up in a flash!


Step 1: Clutter Removal.


Clutter removal and clutter cleaning are vital to any hoarding cleanup. Clutter removal helps clear space and reduce the level of unsanitary conditions in a hoarder’s home. Because we believe in protecting our client’s privacy, we always perform clutter removal as discreetly as possible for every NYC hoarder help service.


Step 2: Organizing.


Once the clutter removal is complete, our professional organizers will move swiftly to get everything tidy, neat, and clean. Organization is key to preventing more clutter buildup in the future, because it ensures that every item in the home has a purpose, and a place where it can be returned when it is not being used.


Step 3: Heavy Duty Cleaning. Heavy duty cleaning means that every inch of the home will be scrubbed down and disinfected from top to bottom. Our team of NYC hoarder help experts can transform any property, no matter the situation, and leave it sparkling and feeling brand new.


Should any other issues be noticed during our 3 Step hoarder help cleaning, one of our field agents may recommend that you take advantage of our 7 Step Process, which includes the above 3 Steps, and more, for a fully comprehensive hoarding cleanup solution. Our 7 Step Process includes such services as pest control extermination, home repair, and other more rigorous solutions for hoarding cleaning. We have been providing NYC hoarder help for over 20 years, so you can rest assured that you’re in the right hands.




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