Help with Hoarding Disorder

September 8, 2016


Help with hoarding disorder from Hoarders911 is the best possible solution for anyone looking for more than just a quick fix. Our team is educated in all types of hoarding conditions, and the best solutions for each of them. We also provide service beyond what the average hoarding cleanup company offers, such as home repair and assistance selling items on eBay, making Hoarders911 a flexible and effective option for anyone who needs help with hoarding disorder.


The Hoarders911 team provides help with hoarding disorder by offering empathy and a listening ear to our clients before ever even starting a hoarding cleanup. We take the time to understand each client as an individual, and guide them towards a healthier lifestyle as we provide an extra hand in getting things done. We do not simply come in and throw things away, but instead respect the decisions of our clients who have already taken a big first step in seeking help with hoarding disorder. We give credit where credit is due.


Our team of hoarding cleanup experts will assist the hoarder, friends, and family in sorting out items in the collection and making the tough decision of what to keep and what to throw away. The easiest decisions are when there are multiples of the same item, for example if you have 5 umbrellas, we will ask you to pick your favorite 2 and sell the rest. For tougher decisions, our team provides guidance, but never does anything without permission. We believe the respect we give to our clients is just one of the thing that makes getting help with hoarding disorder from Hoarders911 such a stress-free process that achieves often permanent results.  

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