Holocaust Survivors and Hoarding

August 11, 2016

Some wonder if there is a link between holocaust survivors and hoarding. Going through an extreme trauma is a common reason that people become hoarders, because they have difficulty letting go to things in their past. Compassion should always be a priority. After surviving such horrific events in global history, holocaust survivors deserve to be able to move on and live a healthy, happy life.


At Hoarders911, we help develop solutions for holocaust survivors and hoarding by always listening first. We never, ever begin by packing everything up and throwing things away, because some of the collected items might be of great importance. To us, it is more important to help the client begin to heal emotionally, then we can begin making bigger decisions.

Because we are a Jewish owned and operated company, catering to holocaust survivors and hoarding properly is of great importance to us. While we are hoarding experts, we understand that helping with holocaust survivors and hoarding takes more than just our standard cleaning services. We have worked with many holocaust survivors in our over 20 years of experience, and our goal is always to help them recover through trauma through our hoarder’s cleanup services -  not to just throw things away.

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