How We Help a Hoarder Clean Up

August 7, 2016


At Hoarders911, we help a hoarder clean up by offering compassion and understanding, coupled with a skilled team of experts trained in everything from heavy duty cleaning to home repair. Our versatile and empathic approach allows us to create a unique plan of action for each of our clients that will not only transform the home, but their lives. With over 20 years of experience, we have seen it all and have developed a comprehensive solution for hoarders that cover all the bases of recovery.


The cleaning help for hoarders that Hoarders911 provides starts by working directly with the client to create a clear method for recovery that everyone agrees upon. Only after we have received the client’s express permission for decision making will we begin to provide help with clutter and hoarding. Our professional organizers work with the client every step of the way to help make tough decisions, like what to keep and what to discard, and get the home in tip top shape.


Help with Clutter and Hoarding


Before we even tackle the tough decisions, we help a hoarder clean up by simply decluttering and categorizing everything in the home. Once the sorting has been done, our hoarding experts can begin disinfecting and deodorizing, while the Hoarders911 team assists the client in decision making and junk removal. After the junk removal has been carried out, our experts can begin repairing and repainting the home.


Our flexible and personalized approach is what makes the Hoarders911 cleaning help for hoarders so unique. At Hoarders911, we help hoarders clean up their homes, but we also set them on the path for developing healthy habits and recovering their lives.

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