Hoarding Health Risks

July 7, 2016


Hoarding Health Risks




Hoarding health risks are vast, and dangerous. The health risks of hoarding can vary from mild, to fatal, including personal injury, bed bugs, fires, and psychological damage. There are even diseases caused by hoarding in extreme cases. Being surrounded by rubbish at all times is by no means good for anyone’s health, and a good heavy duty cleanup is the best way to maintain safety from hoarding health risks. However, before de-cluttering can begin, the hoarder must first learn how to overcome hoarding tendencies.


The diseases caused by hoarding range from respiratory issues to complications with immunodeficiency. Unsanitary conditions prevalent in hoarder homes can cause a buildup of mold, dust, or other allergens. The large collection of garbage poses many health risks for hoarders that might cause them to fall ill or have difficulty breathing. If animal feces or urine enters the equation, exposure to the ammonia for long periods of time can cause major problems for people with poor cardiac health.


In the worst case scenario, the hoarding health risks could lead to fatal accidents, such as not being able to escape a house fire, or not being able to call for help and experiencing a great tragedy as a result. That is why it is so important to learn how to overcome hoarding tendencies. There is no quick fix to stop being a hoarder, but life is too precious to waste. Hoarders face a lot of anxiety and risks to their health, not to mention their lives, overcoming those hoarding tendencies is the only way to turn things around.


Practicing how to stop being a hoarder is no easy task, but with the right effort even the worst cases can be tremendously improved. The first step is to understand how you or your loved one fell into hoarding tendencies in the first place. There are many different reasons that this might occur, but figuring out this vital information will help formulate a plan for the future. Being able to confront the underlying causes of a hoarding condition makes the problem a lot easier to address. Next, set realistic goals for how to overcome the hoarding tendencies such as throwing away one item a day, or not purchasing anything new without discarding an unneeded item first. Slowly but surely you will be able to perform larger tasks, and take back your life from hoarding.


Remember, there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help. If overcoming your hoarding tendencies seems intimidating, try looking into psychological networks that specialize in hoarder’s recovery. Talk to family and friends who you can trust to help keep you on track. A good support system is the foundation for any transformation. Overcoming hoarding tendencies may seem scary at first, but it is worth the effort, and anything is possible with the right amount of help. Encouragement and assistance can go a long way, and for big cleanups there is Hoarders911.  

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