Getting help for Hoarders New York

May 28, 2019


Are you or a loved one interested in getting help for Hoarders New York? Hoarding disorder can be challenging to overcome, but getting help for hoarders in New York is one call away! Hoarders911 offers a compassionate and personalized service throughout NYC for those looking to help themselves or a loved one recover from a hoarding disorder. Our comprehensive hoarding solution is sure to put anyone interested in getting help for hoarders on the path to success.




Hoarders911 has been transforming the lives and homes of hoarders who are open to getting help for over 24 years. Our 7 step solution provides an easy to follow, comprehensive process that makes hoarders cleanups fool-proof and painless. By getting help from Hoarders911, hoarders and their loved ones are given guidance every step of the way.


Hoarder’s cleanups can be tough jobs that often require multiple methods of approach to get done right. The 7 step solution by Hoarders911 is designed to make getting help for hoarders in New York as simple as possible, by addressing every possible issue a hoarder might face.


The Hoarders911 7 Step Hoarding Solution:


1. Clutter cleanup and de-cluttering the home 
2. Rubbish removal and junk removal 
3. Initial home organization 
4. Extermination, treatment 
5. Paint, repair, handy man services 
6. Restoration and construction 
7. Heavy duty cleaning services


Because those suffering from hoarding disorders tend to accumulate massive amounts of clutter before the problem is confronted, the amount of work necessary might seem overwhelming. A hoarding disorder tends to lead to other problems, aside from the already stress and anxiety from disposaphobia. Hoarders often face threats to their health, and even lives. The chances of a hoarder getting evicted or facing legal trouble are very high and very real if the proper steps are not taken. Getting help for hoarders can often save those suffering from a hoarding disorder from trouble.


The Hoarders911 team always offers its services with compassion, empathy, and discretion. We understand the need for privacy on every job, and we never judge anyone getting help. We provide help to hoarders in NYC and the surrounding area, and always respect the needs and concerns of all of our clients.


For consultation, or to schedule an appointment: 718-627-5781

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