Professional Hoarding Cleanup

Junk Removal

Junk removal services available 24/7 to accommodate any schedule. 

Clutter Solutions

Our clutter cleaners are highly trained in clutter solutions. No Judgements.

Professional Hoarding Help

Heavy duty extreme cleaning. There is no mess we haven't seen!

Professional Hoarding Cleanup

High Quality Help for Hoarders

The best solution for a quick hoarder recovery is a professional hoarding cleanup service. Helping a hoarder clean is tough work, and it can take a long time - or even a team of people! The Hoarders911 professional hoarding cleanup is the perfect service to assist anyone at any level of a hoarder’s cleaning.


By using the 7 Step Hoarding Solution that we have developed, our team of hoarding experts can resolve any issue that may arise during our professional hoarding cleanup services. We can perform rubbish removal and heavy duty cleaning on any level, and even repaint or repair the home

as necessary. Clients can also employ our professional hoarding cleanup services when they are in need of assistance creating a plan of action to take on an overwhelming part of the cleanup.  


We take pride in offering services that transform lives, and do everything within our power to help our clients into the future. No matter what your needs are, the Hoarders911 professional hoarding cleanup services are flexible and effective enough to meet them.

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Professional Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarders911 is a #1 best rated cleaning company in NYC. Services include: Clutter Solutions, Junk Removal, Hoarders Treatment, and Discreet Cleaning services.

Hoarding Treatment | Heavy Duty Cleaning | Junk Removal

Need Professional Hoarding Cleanup?

- Hoarders911 is Here To The Rescue -

7 Step Process
No Judgements

Anyone seeking help overcoming hoarding is safe with us. Our 7 step hoarding process enables us to provide a well rounded, comprehensive solution for every occasion. No matter what your needs may be, our team of trained hoarding experts can meet them.

Step 1. Clutter clean up 

Step 2. Rubbish removal 

Step 3. Home organization

Step 4. Extermination, treatment

Step 5. Paint, repair, handy man services

Step 6. Restoration and construction

Step 7. Heavy duty cleaning services

Always Discreet

The Hoarders911 team always operates with discretion, arriving in unmarked vehicles, to protect our clients privacy. We do all of the rubbish removal in one shot, so as not to attract any unnecessary attention.

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Client organizations in the NYC area include:


Visiting Nurse Service, Senior Health Partners, Community Counseling & Mediation, Human Resources Administration, Administration for Children's Services, Child Protective Services, and NYC Housing Authority. We also work with a wide range of building management companies, estate attorneys, court guardians, social workers, Holocaust survivors and their families, caretakers and patient advocates, eviction cases, violations removal, individuals calling on behalf of their parents, and Medicare and Medicaid recipients.

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New York

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