Hoarding Disorder 
The department of health recently recognized hoarding as a mental condition. Hoarders are those who suffer from Disposophobia, or fear of disposing, which is the underlying cause of hoarding. Cleaning clutter from the home helps clearing clutter in the mind.

 We treat case with the utmost sensitivity and will not throw away anything without our clients consent. We work together with hoarders to overcome their fear and developed specialized methods to help every kind of hoarding condition.


Heavy duty cleaning is part of our comprehensive solution for hoarders, and we have green and natural products that are environmentally friendly and manufactured by Hygea Natural. Part of our heavy duty cleaning treatment includes steam cleaning, which we use on couches, upholstery, rugs, and blinds. 

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Client organizations in the NYC area include:


Visiting Nurse Service, Senior Health Partners, Community Counseling & Mediation, Human Resources Administration, Administration for Children's Services, Child Protective Services, and NYC Housing Authority. We also work with a wide range of building management companies, estate attorneys, court guardians, social workers, Holocaust survivors and their families, caretakers and patient advocates, eviction cases, violations removal, individuals calling on behalf of their parents, and Medicare and Medicaid recipients.

New York

New York

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