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Hoarding garbage is one of the most severe forms of hoarding there is, because it has the potential to grow into a serious health hazard. This hoarding habit is usually caused by an anxiety so severe that the person hoarding garbage cannot throw  anything away, even things that serve no use, or food that has gone bad. Also known as Syllogomania, hoarding garbage often results in isolation, out of shame or embarrassment, and often serious illness.


Someone who is hoarding garbage might also feel, for  many reasons, that they are keeping stock of a treasure trove even if others cannot see it. Unlike other hoarders, garbage hoarders do not necessarily have a particular niche or obsession. Trash hoarders may pick items up from the street just for the sake of collecting, or may simply accumulate garbage at home and are too depressed to discard or or clean up. People who have begun hoarding garbage may also be suffering from a disorder known as Diogenes Syndrome, which is a very stressful psychological disorder that greatly affects the way that person feels about him or herself, and how that person responds to others.


In extreme cases, trash hoarders may have entire rooms of their homes stockpiled with garbage to the point where they aren’t even usable. They may have started off as recycling hoarders, collecting bottles and cans with the intention of turning them into cash, and soon the habit of collecting spiraled out of control. No matter what the reason is for hoarding garbage, it is important to seek help and clean up immediately. The homes of garbage hoarders can become breeding grounds for pest infestations, bacteria, and other unsanitary conditions, but with the right help, even the most severe of garbage hoarding can be transformed into a healthy lifestyle.


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