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As you may have realized yourself, the psychological effects of hoarding can run deep

This is especially true if you happen to exhibit a particular type of behavior not uncommon among those who suffer from a hoarding condition. In this hoarding pattern, individuals tend to hide things – storing or “caching” items in hidden places, either exclusively or alongside their more obvious collections.


You may feel that storing items in secret gives you a sense of security, as your own private arsenal no one is allowed to disturb.

 If you have another hoarding condition as well, you have probably come to rely on your hidden belongings for comfort; for example, many food hoarders will hide food where others cannot find it as they fear not having enough of what they need in times of shortage.  


It may otherwise be the case that you feel a sense of embarrassment over your hoarding behavior and have done your best to keep it a secret from others. Either way, it’s time to regain control over your life.

The Solution for ”Hiding” Hoarders

We get it. The thought of having your belongings suddenly exposed and confiscated can be shocking and upsetting. It may seem like you’re about to have your innermost life subject to an invasion, and you think the emotional effects may be too much for you to handle. Such uncertainties are completely natural — but there’s no need to fear.

The Hoarders 911 team is trained to handle every situation with the utmost delicacy. 

We’re here to restore your life, not wrest it from you.  We never throw away anything of value without asking permission first, and we remain conscious of the wishes of the client during every step of the process. When we have finished, you will be confident enough not to need your hidden belongings, and the sense of relief will be liberating. You have already overcome the first and highest hurdle by your decision to seek help; as for the rest, we’ll take it from here.

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Client organizations in the NYC area include:


Visiting Nurse Service, Senior Health Partners, Community Counseling & Mediation, Human Resources Administration, Administration for Children's Services, Child Protective Services, and NYC Housing Authority. We also work with a wide range of building management companies, estate attorneys, court guardians, social workers, Holocaust survivors and their families, caretakers and patient advocates, eviction cases, violations removal, individuals calling on behalf of their parents, and Medicare and Medicaid recipients.

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New York

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