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DIY Heavy Duty Cleaning

A DIY heavy duty cleaning can be a laborious mission, but it must be done. You might be moving out, or revisiting the old storage room and finding you do not have a need for most of its contents. Most professional housekeepers recommend a quarterly deep cleaning to keep the home at its best. Big jobs like this always require proper attention.


Because our company specializes in hoarder’s cleanups, we have developed tips, tricks, and strategies to get through every kind of heavy duty cleaning available. Below are our best techniques for surviving a DIY heavy duty cleaning.

 1. Create a To-Do List. By far the most over looked aspect of a DIY heavy duty cleaning, this simple step could be what stands between you and a successful job. Drafting a makes big, intimidating jobs more manageable by breaking them down into smaller tasks. Checking things off of a list is also a great way to keep track of accomplishments, and seeing results is always a good motivation!



2. De-Clutter Each Room. Instead of trying to tackle your DIY heavy duty cleaning all at once, do one room at a time. It will be much easier to focus. Plus, there is no point in breaking out the disinfectant and the vacuum if you are fighting through a labyrinth of old bills and scattered knick-knacks. Order the rooms on your to-do list based on which rooms are used the most to the least.



3. Set up a Staging Area. Pick an open area where sorting through junk will be the easiest. This could be a table in the back yard, or a series of boxes in the living room, whichever works best for you. Label several sections with actions such as donate, sell, discard, or put away, and save them for after the initial sorting has been completed. Sometimes we need a blank slate to come up with the best solutions. Setting up this staging area will make it easier to organize without adding to clutter anywhere else



4. Rubbish Removal. If you’re constantly taking out small bags of trash, your DIY heavy duty cleaning is going to take a lot longer. Instead, use your staging area to accumulate the largest sustainable amount of discarded items and take them out in large chunks all at once. Do this at the end of the de-cluttering process for each room, instead of throughout the cleanup. Even if it takes a few rounds, it’s better to save it for the end so that you don’t break your cleaning momentum.


These DIY heavy duty cleaning tips were derived directly from our hoarding cleanup methods. They have been field tested, and are sure to make any DIY heavy duty cleaning a success. For an extra hand, give us a call and watch your clutter melt away. 

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