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Cleanup Help for Different Types of Hoarding

Because there are so many different classes of hoarders, knowing how to tell if you’re a hoarder can sometimes be difficult. Different classes of hoarders behave differently, and collect a variety of different thing. However, there is one thing all classes of hoarders have in common. If you find yourself feeling intense anxiety at the thought of cleaning up or throwing things away, chances are you will fall under at least one of the following classes of hoarders below.


Animal Hoarders

Though you may be rescuing strays out of the kindness of your heart, if you rescue more than what you can reasonably care for the animals are often neglected. This pattern is commonly found in animal hoarders.

Information Hoarders

Researchers and bookworks often become obsessed with accumulating resources.  People with this condition, known colloquially as information hoarders, books, calendars, recipes, and greeting cards, and have difficulty letting go of past details such as receipts. 

Mail Hoarders

Mail hoarders are types of information hoarders who refuse to discard letters, bills, junk mail, and the like because they feel they may need as a reference in the future.  This behavior gives rise to large collections of paper clutter, which could become a serious fire hazard.

Trash Hoarders

Some people might see a treasure chest where others see a heap of garbage, even if it contains little to no items of personal value.  However, the consequences for trash hoarders can be drastic, as the garbage can restrict access to the home, and become an invitation for rodents and insects,or other serious health hazards.


Recycle Hoarders

Being environmentally conscious is wonderful, but when massive piles of plastic bottles, old cardboard boxes, aluminum cans, and others recyclables build up without ever making it to the recycling center, it can present some huge problems as the habit leads people to become recycle hoarders.

Food Hoarders
Perhaps you are afraid that you will not have enough to eat, and as a result, your pantry can become storage space for a collection of food, most of which goes bad before it can ever be consumed.  Food Hoarders have strong instincts to store food in case of an emergency, but often the food goes to waste and becomes a hazard to their health.


Compulsive Shoppers

Compulsive shoppers often buy things without actually having a need for the purchases.  Are obsessed with bargain hunting, while others may splurge on luxury items. Such habits often lead compulsive shoppers to be  buried under a mountain of debt and piles of unused objects. 


Compulsive Collectors

A compulsive collector may have started collecting as a passion, but has since crossed the line into hoarding territory.  The difference harmless hobby turns and a consuming disorder is whether or not the size of the collection is manageable, and if the collecting itself is controlled or impulsive.


“Hiding” Hoarders

Hiding hoarders can sometimes be tricky to diagnose because they have a tendency to stash and store items in hidden places, which causes the hoarding habit to be less obvious. Many times people resort to hiding their personal items because it provides a sense of security, and being discovered  as a hoarder can be embarrassing.


Hoarders Diogenes Sufferers

People with Diogenes syndrome often hold their stress in until it manifests outwardly, resulting in an extremely severe hoarding habit. These individuals are often distrustful of others, which causes them to live in extreme self-neglect, isolation, and despondency.


We Can Help!

If you find that you or a loved one falls under one of the aforementioned classes of hoarders, Hoarders911 can help. With over two decades of experience, we have seen hoarding cases from the most mild to the most extreme, and have the knowledge and expertise to develop a solution for everyone no matter the situation. To learn more about how we can help hoarders recover, click here or look at our drop down menu for specific information on each hoarder type.


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